Cuddle Monsters Galore!

Ollie and Lucy are the two mischievous little Cuddle Monsters who share our home.

Ollie is a 3 year old cuddly Chocolate Tabby Point Siamese with a penchant for chasing string and dropping his favourite toys on Mum's head at 3:00 in the morning - he is a firm believer that 'too early' is not an adequate answer when an important game of fetch can be had!

Lucy is a talkative little 2.5 year old Blue Spotted Oriental always ready to flash past your legs into the pantry for that magic sound of plastic bags rustling under four little feet. She is very helpful by ensuring her Mum is awake well before the alarm goes off and is always happy to lend a helpful paw when serving breakfast!


  • Warning - Chewing on Plastic Bags

    7 May at 08:00 from atlas

    All kitties please be aware that chewing on plastic shopping bags can cause the bag to become stuck in your teeth. In the unfortunate ...

  • Warning - Pantries

    7 May at 07:59 from atlas

    Please be aware that sneaking past your owner's legs into the pantry has been known to cause (mostly benign) cases of claustrophobia, ...